It has been reported to the Webmaster and substantiated as public knowledge, that a long-standing adulterous relationship was committed by Fr. Nicholas Liberis of HOCNA's St. Demetrios Church, in Pomona, California between 1998 and 2001.

Not only did the HOCNA prelates, (that is to say, Fr. Panteleimon), not depose this canon-violating priest, but he continues to serve the “liturgy” to this day. According to the Canons, he should have been deposed for committing adultery if only one time, but since we are talking about HOCNA, the habitual disregard and contempt for the Canons of the Church is normal, as they are not really part of the Orthodox Church.


Testimony of former HOCNA/HTM member, novice Zakarias:

“In the autumn of 2000, Fr. Panteleimon informed us all at a “synaxis” gathering, that Fr. Nicholas Liberis would be visiting HTM that week to be 'rehabilitated' for committing adultery over a long period of time. Panteleimon informed us that Liberis' wife and son were ready to leave him, but Fr. Panteleimon intervened and placated them to some extent. One of the monks guardedly and cautiously objected, asking why not replace Liberis with another priest? Panteleimon insisted that only a Greek-speaking priest could serve at St. Demetrios, thus it would be impractical to replace Liberis. End of discussion - 'the end justifies the means.'

Fr. Liberis' 'rehabilitation' included him standing outside of the sanctuary with the novices and parishioners and being brought blessed bread by Panteleimon on a gold-plated tray.

After 1 month, Fr. Liberis' “rehabilitation” was accomplished. He was then brought into the sanctuary and concelebrated.”

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